Clayton + Jena in Lincoln

When it was rainy and gloomy on the date we had set for an engagement session with these two we gave them the option.. We do it today in the rain and the gloom.. or we reschedule and hope we end up with a better day. Everyone from Nebraska knows that’s kind of a gamble.Well, they chose option B, the sun did show up and we had an amazing evening getting to know these two as we explored the park. Not only did they not look at us like we were crazy when we said we thought a field of weeds would be great for their photos.. but they also were able to just let loose, goof around and play. Which we feel is absolute best way to be. Needless to say we’re looking forward to their upcoming wedding at the Zoo in Omaha. With these two we know it’s going to be a blast! Here’s a couple of our faves from our time with Clayton + Jena.



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Tim + Jennie in Kearney

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