Our Story

The year our first child was born was also the year we bought our first camera. 9 years ago to be exact. Since then we've been in love with our kids and in love with documenting their little lives, so that they will always be able to share and enjoy their memories with others for years to come. We view all our work through this same lens. Every time we pick up our cameras our heart and our eyes are with the relationships, the families, the friends, the events and all the precious moments that make up a wedding day. What is it that is special to you? Who is special to you? What is it that you are going to want to remember years down the road? These are the questions that we want to find the answer to. These are the images that you will cherish forever.

A little more about the Gleasons

You know, we really try to keep things all about our clients. But, we also know that in your epic quest to find the ultimate wedding photographer you’re going to want to know a little bit about us.

Here’s the quick:

We are Dustin & Leticia Gleason

Husband and wife. We get this whole LOVE thing.

We shot our very first wedding together and have ever since

You could say we make a pretty good team

We have two children with one on the way  He’s here! Baby Jude Isaac Gleason was born on March 22nd 2017. We are all overjoyed!!

Two pups

Love traveling, music, a good meal, a good beer and starting the day with a smooth cup of coffee

Dustin plays guitar and writes music

Letica is one hell of a chef

We love documenting our growing little family

Vinyl  will always beat out Mp3

We LOVE wedding cake

Actually we love all cake

Do you have any cake?

Shall we eat cake together?

We’re pretty impressed you’re still reading this…

You rock!

The End


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