Our Story

Hey! Thanks for checking out our stuff! First off we want you to know a couple things.

This site is BRAND NEW and it's taking awhile for us to get it updated with all of the lovely couples we've shot for over the years. Hopefully we have enough work on here to get a good feel for how we shoot, but please do check back often as we update it with new and old stuff weekly.

We absolutely LOVE what we do! We've done this job enough (10 years to be exact), that it is just second nature to us. We don't dread weddings days. Quite the opposite really. We love getting to meet each new couple and relish in the challenge of creating meaningful images that are stylish and unique to each of our couples.

Oh, and you probably guessed it already, but we are a husband and wife team. We shot our very first wedding together nearly 10 years ago and we've been working hard to fine tune our craft ever since.

Most of all we want to hear about you! Tell us about your wedding and how we can best capture the day for you!

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