Nebraska Wedding Photographer | Logan + Ashton

In all my years as a Nebraska wedding Photographer, I don’t think I’ve ever photographed a more emotionally charged wedding than Ashton and Logan’s. We were already aware that Ashton was legally blind going in to the day, but when Ashton’s father introduced himself, he thanked us through teary eyes and told us how important the photos were.. it hit us like a ton of bricks. They were how Ashton would be able to actually see and experience her day… We knew right then and there that we could NOT MESS THIS UP! How we understand it is that Ashton does still have some vision and can get close to photos and see and experience them!! So amazing! Never before have we been more excited to get our images to a bride! But if you didn’t know about Ashton you would have never guessed she was blind. She carried herself like anyone else, not once letting it slow her down. We were absolutely amazed by her. She was beautiful and beaming the entire day and the fact that she couldn’t see was never brought up by her. Her presence just made you so happy and seeing how Logan was always at her side looking out for her and experiencing things with her just warmed our hearts. After the ceremony we stopped at this special place. They call it Dugan’s corner and I believe it was a place their Grandparents or Great Grandparents lived years ago. Though in a state of disrepair the house is still standing and was an absolutely beautiful scene against the surrounding Nebraska countryside. Needless to say, we took full advantage of this special location. Please enjoy a select few of our favorite images.

Notes: This Nebraska wedding day was photographed by Gleason Photography. Videography coverage was provided by Dare to Love films out of Omaha.



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