Seth + Cassie // Nebraska Blizzard Wedding

I’m sure Seth and Cassie’s wedding day went down a little differently than they had imagined. A good old Nebraska blizzard showed up just in time for their big day and it caused a few things to not go as planned. There were many friends and family that couldn’t make it including Cassie’s Grandmother who was in an accident (don’t worry she’s ok). The location of the ceremony had to be moved to the reception venue for fear that the roads would be too dangerous, and if that wasn’t enough they found out their DJ couldn’t make it. Ouch. It was pretty rough for a few hours there. But, through it all we were so impressed at how Cassie and Seth didn’t seem stressed at all. It was beautiful how everyone stepped up to make sure they had the wedding of their dreams, and that’s just what they had. They even were able to brave the absolutely miserable white out conditions to grab a few quick pics outside and not one person got frostbite! We were so pleased. This wedding day was so very special to us. These guys are family. Congrats Seth and Cassie. We love you guys so much and we can’t wait to watch you guys journey through this life together. Thank you so much for having us be a part of our day. It truly was an honor for us. Love Dustin & Tish.



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