Gretta + Matt | Creekside

November 20, 2021

Gretta and Matt were married at one of our favorite local wedding venues. The Creekside Event Barn in Roca. We were looking forward to this one not only because of the great couple we’d be photographing in such a beautiful location, but because Dylan, my brother (Dustin here), would be back from the east coast to attend. He is a friend of Gretta’s, and when talking about here he said with a big smile, “she goes hard”. In that she works hard, she plays hard and she loves hard. That’s exactly what we witnessed from both Gretta and Matt on their wedding day. They lived every moment to the fullest, hugged every family member and danced with every friend. The bottom of Gretta’s dress and Matt’s suit coat soaked up every bit of the booze spilled on a dance floor that never slowed down. It truly was a pleasure to capture all the love for these two. Be like Matt + Gretta. Love hard. Thanks guys!!